D E L T A   C O L L A B O R A T I V E

The Delta Collaborative is a Louisiana based initiative to embolden the environmental movement in the deep south.

In a divided america, we seek to find common ground between different political and cultural communities across the United States.

We aim

to better understand the daily lives and worldviews of communities outside of the traditional environmental justice movement.  

To work Alongside such communities in transforming the environmental movement into a more inclusive discourse, one that speaks to and represents all of america--regardless of political affiliation.

we believe

that By finding similarities between such issues as pollution and economic decay in working-class America, both sides of the political spectrum are one step closer to solving shared issues.

At Delta Collaborative

we fight to bring Americans of all Religious, racial, class, and ethnic backgrounds into this shared struggle for Cleaner environments, inclusive and empowered communities, and a united america.