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It all started in 2101...

The centennial anniversary of America's refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol saw mass protests across the world.  War, famine, migration, disease, and unimaginable poverty gripped all corners of the globe. From this arose the Delta Collaborative. 

Between 2101 and 2136, Delta's primary purpose was to map out the main causes for the world's turmoil, and pinpoint events in history when things went astray.  They hoped to charter one of the 50 prototype TIMESHIPs back in time to avert the catastrophe of the future.  They were successful in acquiring TIMESHIP #39 in 2134.

Internal disputes about causes and timelines nearly tore the Collaborative apart, but nuclear fallout in 2136 was its true demise.  Of the 10 billion people alive in 2136, we believe that globally, some 4 thousand lived to see 2137.  As the last remaining members of Delta Collaborative, we have captained the TIMESHIP #39 back to the year 2018, as we believe it is positioned to make the most catalytic change for the future.  Lacking the person-power of the former (or rather, future) Delta Collaborative, we are unable to execute the full campaign initially planned by our founders.  Instead, we have fashioned the TIMESHIP with educational exhibits about all that is leading your society astray, and all that is already underway which can lead it to a brighter future.